Who We Are

MyGiftedGirl.com is a nurturing and inspiring community of women, mentors, and professionals supporting gifted/talented girls and women.  Here, we challenge ourselves to use these talents to the best of our abilities for the good of humanity, our families, our neighborhoods, and our nation.


Gifted and talented women’s interests, goals, needs, passions, and challenges are as diverse as there are stars in the sky.  We meet here to support and motivate one another.  Stay-at-home moms to engineers, here we all present our gifts and talents to our peers and inspire those that will follow.

It doesn’t take long as a parent or guardian of a gifted girl to realize the added joy and pressure these girls add to our job as parents.  The My Gifted Girl community supports the adults blessed with raising these future leaders; not to mention the fact that some of us mom’s know they got it from us and we need this community too!.


Students from elementary school through college, this is your place for fun and growth.  We have age appropriate message boards to discuss studies, hobbies, sports, the arts, career interests and more. Participate in scheduled chats to learn more from the leaders in your field(s) of interest. This Student Support area only grows with your participation
The gifted girl must learn pride and confidence in her talents and endeavors.  At MyGiftedGirl.com, we are among friends, colleagues, mentors and leaders.

The community thanks all of the teachers that help grow the minds and skills of our gifted and talented girls.  Many of these teachers are women and have a special bond and understanding of the female and gifted.
Here, we provide resources for teachers who lead gifted classes and those that have gifted and talented students in our classrooms.

Enrichment and Fun

My Gifted Girl is a source for parents to enrich a daughter’s education with recommended reading, games, websites, and career path information. 
Of course, our aim is for the site to be fun and engaging!  The more participation we have, the more fun we have!.


As we grow, we are a voice for current and future generations of gifted and talented girls and women.  Our voices carry in education, in our relationships, our careers, businesses, and communities.  Here, we are a voice for existing organizations that participate in our governmental process to advocate for our group.


Our members are and will continue to be:

• Gifted and Talented Girls of all Ages and Backgrounds
• Gifted Women
• Parents/Caregivers
• Family Members of Gifted Girls
• Educators
• Mentors
• Psychologists/Therapists
• Businesses
• Non-Profit Organizations
• Foundations
• Public & Private Primary and Secondary Schools (PreK-12)
• Public & Private Colleges and Universities
• Civic Organizations
• Women’s Organizations