We want you to get the most out of the community. We  want you to be safe, so we have Rules you need to follow. If you break the Rules, you won’t be able to participate on the site. We want you to be part of the community and experience at MyGifted Girl, so be sure to follow ALL the Rules!

1. Get permission!

Check with your mom, dad, or guardian every time you go online. When you register, you need to enter your parent’s email address so we can send them a note letting them know you’re joining the MyGiftedGirl community. Your parents can take away your access if they want to, so be sure to respect their rules and the rules. We want online play to be a positive and valuable learning experience. You also need your parent’s permission to participate in message boards, live chats we have time to time on the site, as well as when purchasing items from our store. 

2. ALWAYS talk to your parents.

Always involve parents in your online activities, including those on the Encourage them to set up their own parent accounts if they haven’t done so already. Share what you do online. You can play the role of teacher and they can learn so much from you!  If you’re ever become uncomfortable with something that happens on the Internet, don’t be afraid to let them know. Communication makes learning and fun work best!

3. DON’T use your real name in your screen name.

When you register, you create a screen name and password to use on the site. Because anybody in the community can see your screen name, don’t include your real name – or any numbers from your address or phone number. Be Creative and original!

4. NEVER TELL OR ASK anyone your password or personal info.

Never, ever share your password with anyone except your parents – it’s private! And don’t reveal your name, address, phone number, or email to anyone online. If someone asks for your info, tell them no. If they keep asking, keep saying no and let us know by clicking "report member." No one from will EVER ask for your password, so don’t give it out! No one should give out private or personal info to other visitors at, so don’t even ask!

5. Be positive and be nice!

Treat others the way you want be treated. Our community exists to help and inspire others. Every screen name is a real person who needs to be respected and valued.  We review chats and message boards to make sure people are being respectful, so make sure we all follow the rules.  Do not be disrespectful, stalk other users, or say anything hurtful or inappropriate – you could be banned from the site!

6. Report or block someone who doesn’t follow the Rules. But don’t abuse this feature!

If anyone misbehaves or makes you feel uncomfortable, make note of the user name and fill out the contact us form to report and let us know. Don't abuse this safety feature — we take it super seriously!

7. Print this out!